How to make a Luther rose paper snowflake cut-out!

I posted the instructions to this project on the CLEAR blog way back in 2013, but for some reason, people have had difficulty finding it. Since people email me almost every week for it (which amazes me) I decided to try to make a more visible post for the instructions, which are in the form of a detailed PDF. Hopefully that will make it easier to find. Here are the instructions!  🙂

And by the way, if you like Lutheran-themed craftiness, artisan goods, cards, and housewares made by a range of creative folks… have you checked out Ad Crucem yet??  😀



20 responses to “How to make a Luther rose paper snowflake cut-out!

  1. Not a snowflake! All snowflakes have 6 points and/or sides. It is just a rose paper cut-out. Can you tell it’s a pet peeve of mine?

    • Ha!! I just called it a “snowflake cutout” because it’s the same sort of project people commonly do with paper and scissors and 4, 6, or 8 points on the product. It’s an “ease of reference” thing. 😉

  2. Thank you, Kelly. There are now two Luther roses among the snowflakes on the window! We don’t know each other personally, but I have prayed for you on various occasions (at the birth of your children). I have also seen your work through common Lutheran friends (our husbands know each other).

    • We’ve had slight issues with the server in the last day or two, but it worked fine for me just now. should have no https:// before it, also.

  3. Still not finding the instructions. Is there another way around your web site to find it? The link isn’t working.

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  5. This is so awesome. Thank you for the great tutorial and clear directions. I’m making this for my cousin who became an ordained Lutheran minister 25 years ago. It’s perfect!

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