Art quote of the day

“One excuse used for not spending money on beautifying churches is that the money is better spent on the poor. Likewise, while the rich can afford to attend symphonies and beautiful choral works, the music of the church is beauty for the ears of the poor. And actually, we are all poor in need of the beauty of holiness.

“Do the poor need beauty? Yes, maybe even more than other people do. The poor need beauty to ennoble them, to raise them up out of the morass of this fallen world. For many, their existing surroundings may not inspire them, so beautiful, durable architecture can have a salutary effect. We see the desire for beauty and tradition expressed in the parishes and schools built by poor immigrants in previous centuries. Their own houses may have been simple, but their communal home sought to be a work of art, full of iconography and richness. It is true that the rich and the middle class can afford many distractions: artwork, books, museums, travel, and entertainment where they oftentimes come in contact with beauty, serenity, and even the divine. Yet for those less well-off, where do they find the richness of culture and the majesty of nature but in the dome of a cathedral or the stained glass of a church?”

– Duncan G. Stroik, architect & editor of the Journal of Sacred Architecture



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