Contest giveaway… we’ve hit 100!

In honor of this our 100th post (woohoo!), Confessional Lutheran Ecclesiastical Art Resources is offering a chance for you to win 3 sterling silver charms for you to start your very own Lutheran charm bracelet!


The charm on the left is a vintage Hayward Sterling Luther rose charm, and it says “I am a Lutheran” on the back. These can be hard to find! The tiny, practically mustard-seed-sized “Faith” charm on the right is a little over a quarter of an inch in diameter. The praying hands charm in the middle (incidentally, based on the famous drawing by Albrecht Dürer)  is a good size for a bracelet, and substantial enough to even wear as a necklace pendant. To win all three, all I need from you is a little help with the blog content here!

About a year ago, I started posting “Lutheran art quotes of the day” from time to time, as well as the occasional “Art quote of the day” from non-Lutherans. I found some good stuff, but I only have so many hours in the day to look things up, so maybe you can help me out.  🙂

To enter the contest:

  • Locate (8) different quotes, from Lutherans, that reference the visual arts.
  • The quotes can be from books, the Internet (including podcast interviews), living artists, or pretty much any Lutheran making some astute observations on the subject.
  • Please include appropriate references for the quotes you find. Try to avoid pseudo-quotes attributed to Luther, etc. that are unlikely their own words.
  • They cannot be quotes that have previously been used on this blog for “quote of the day.” Before you start, you might want to do a search on the CLEAR blog for “quote of the day” to see previously-posted quotes.
  • Quotes can be anywhere from a line or two to several paragraphs, but please do not take all your quotes from the same piece of writing. Limit it to one or two quotes per piece.
  • Send your list of quotes to me at This will get you one entry into the contest. To double your chances, send me 5 more good art quotes from a Christian, Lutheran or not, and you’ll get a second entry! (Same previously-mentioned guidelines apply.)
  • Contest deadline is July 3, 2014. The winning name will be pulled out of a hat at random (probably by one of my kids).   🙂   If you’re the winner, I’ll contact you and announce it on the blog, and get your mailing information to send you your prize.

That’s it– all you need to do to win some awesome sterling silver charms and help this blog get new content! It can be as easy as cutting and pasting.  🙂

Have fun and good luck!


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