A Luther rose seal. No, really… a real one!

Almost by accident, I found a seal ring from a German eBay dealer that contains Luther’s seal. The ring itself is either a Victorian-era antique, or a reproduction of the same. I admit that it didn’t matter much to me either way, because it looks AWESOME and it works great for making seals!. My sealing wax arrived today and I made trial of it right away. Great detail for such a small image (the stone in the ring is about a centimeter across).

One of the wax seals that I’m holding in my hand is one that I made on paper, and then cut out– so with a bit of double-sided tape, it can now be used separately somewhere as a sticker.Ā  šŸ™‚Ā  It might be handy to learn how to make wax seals on non-stick surfaces so I can skip the cutting-out step. I’d also like to try making wax seals with strings in them so they can hang.Ā  šŸ™‚



Below is the seal ring pressed into a bit of Sculpey (before I got my sealing wax). I’m pretty sure that I’ll be making jewelry this way sometime soon…

sealring2 waxseal1 waxseal2 waxseal3 waxseal4

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