Work-in-progress by Ed Riojas

Ed Riojas is one of the better-known liturgical artists in Lutheran circles. From church interiors to art prints to greeting cards to clip art line drawings, there’s a good chance you’ve run across his distinctive style. Currently he’s working on some art for Redemption Lutheran Church in Battle Creek, Michigan, and he’s allowed me to share some of those images here along with his descriptions. Check out his Facebook page for more updates like these.Ā  šŸ™‚


“The center panel and left panel (partially seen) temporarily attached for painting.”


“A cityscape behind the cross. The foot of the cross is directly in front of the Holy of Holies inside the temple compound.”


“Christ’s crucifixion fills the largest of six panels. Most of what is visible in this photo is in the finished state. It’s always rewarding studying Scripture through visuals — I became conscious of animal-like markings when guessing how whip-mark patterns might have been laid on our Lord. Then the verse was made obvious, ‘By His stripes we are healed.'”


“Besides being a heavy decorative device behind the cross, they remind us of the pain of our sins which Christ endured, AND point to the Ram caught in the Thicket.”


“Part of the right grouping of saints out of time and space. Isaiah, Luther, and John the Forerunner.”


“King David offering his crown to His Lord.”


“Part of the left grouping. Angels flank either side of the cross, marking the cross as the Mercy Seat. Included in the left grouping are the Marys, John and Peter.”


“Mary of Magdala counterbalances John the Forerunner — both being a bit ‘rough around the edges.’ She is shown with and alabaster jar of pure nard.”


“One of the Marys.”


“The right panel. I rarely connect all three main panels for painting — it is simply too wide for the room. The other three panels? Forget it.”


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