“The Infant Priest”

It’s the title of a new collection of hymns and poems by Chad Bird, and also the title of the image on the cover, which I painted (acrylic on canvas) and subsequently mailed to him for this use. The book is available here through Amazon.

If you’re a Lutheran in the visual arts, using paintings, drawings, or other pieces as book covers is an interesting sort of diversion. It adds an extra (and fun) challenge to visually match some piece of theological writing with a new piece. We confessors of the Augustana do tend to be rather bookish sorts. If you’re doing the self-publishing thing with writings theological, why not consider collaborating with an artist of your confession?

It’s rather a nice change of pace to have new art by a Lutheran artist on a Lutheran book sometimes. I love the old masters, but you know, there are only so many Cranachs or woodcuts to go around. And there are artists out there who could make a go of it. It’s not like we’re absolutely bound to have Mormons illustrating our religious books because we just can’t do any better in-house. Ahem.Ā  šŸ™‚




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