Crafty Monday: Some finished prayer beads

I’ve completed my first few sets of prayer beads, “Lutheran style.” They feature two cutouts I designed: a Luther rose cross and a “wheel” pendant featuring symbols for the six chief parts of the Catechism. They were laser-cut by a local company called Lasered Edge. Many thanks to Timothy Johnson for working with me to put together the prayer beads, for trying to help clean up some of my digital files, and for his research and resources he’s made available for Lutherans who are interested in using prayer beads to pray through the Catechism. Thanks also to the friends who “special ordered” these. Almost no two sets I’ve made so far are exactly alike.  Different people had different ideas, from the use of a metal crucifix to a custom Luther rose clay bead. It makes the process more fun.  🙂

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8 responses to “Crafty Monday: Some finished prayer beads

    • Well, they’re available now for custom-ordering. Basically, if someone contacts me who is interested, I let them know what beads I currently have available, or if they want to, they can find and mail me specific beads they’d like me to use. Then I have to wait for the laser-cutting people to get the wood cut-outs to me, and as soon as they do, I have the piece assembled and can mail it out. There is a bit of an unknown time factor with the laser-cutters, so I’d recommend starting the ordering process well in advance of when you’d like to receive them. 🙂

      A set of beads is $20, and shipping has usually been only about $2 on top of that. The cost of the set may theoretically go up if more expensive beads or other materials are desired. E-mail me ( or FB-message me to order. 🙂

  1. I would like to purchase some of these Lutheran prayer beads with the crucifix and catechism wheel. I would prefer black or blue beads or red beads if possible.

    I would like to order 3 or 4 of these if possible.

    Please email me back when you can.

  2. Hi are you still producing these? they look great! what would be the current cost, and shipping to the UK?

      • Hi Kelly thank you for your kind reply so soon I really appreciate it, I’m delighted that you are still making these I only saw them today and I’ve been looking for something just like this for a while now so it’s great I’ll definitely check the Ad Crucem site out. The craft work is really lovely, thank you.

  3. Hi Kelly! About how much would it cost to get one? And if we wanted to make our own where can you get the Catechism wheel?

    We are thinking of doing this for lent this year!

    • Hi Megan– I have been making prayer beads in olive wood to sell through Ad Crucem ( I’m planning on adding some new varieties soon. The “Catechism wheels” aren’t available elsewhere; I get them custom-made, laser-cut, for my projects. 🙂

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