Crafty Monday: Nativity scene crafting

Did I mention that I love Retro Cafe Art? I was going to contact them to suggest that they make masonite kits that assemble into miniature Nativity stables, for making ornaments or other “art boxes.” Lo and behold, when I checked their “NEW” page the other day, they’ve got something that will work with this idea! They’re little houses that are also designed to be able to hold battery-operated tea lights. Some of the new houses have multiple windows, so that if you view them from the back with the light inside, you have a lit-up house! Click on any of the houses at the top of this page and scroll down to see decorating ideas. The website also sells mini plastic Nativity figures.

(Below are pictures of other Retro Cafe Art products– mini chipboard houses, decorated up. Sorry, I couldn’t get a pic of the new stuff!)


The new boxes they have aren’t exactly what I had in mind for mini-stables. But I think I might contact them anyway and suggest a mini church with windows. I’d like to light up one of those!!


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