Crafty Monday: A few pendants and more designs

My laser-cutting friends have cut out a few pendants for me based on my drawings, vectorized by Alex. A Luther rose, and a couple of VDMA shields, in two sizes. They turned out not too bad:

pend1 pend2 pend3 pend4

I’ve sent off several more designs to my friends at Lasered Edge, but they say that their laser cutter tube is busted and they have to wait for a replacement. So, those of you who are waiting for information about these pendants will need to wait a bit longer, I’m afraid. In the meantime, here are a few more designs I have…

baptized img004 img006 justshalllivejpg

The “catechism wheel” is designed to be “burned,” not cut out like filigree. And because some of these images are so detailed, I’ve reconfigured some files to create a solid “backing” for some of them, to see what it looks like with the two pieces attached. Stay tuned!

9 responses to “Crafty Monday: A few pendants and more designs

  1. I really like the designs, especially the catechism wheel, but I wonder if the Ten Commandments and the praying hands are upside down… It looks like everything else is oriented to have the outside of the wheel as down. In any case, keep us updated. I may just have to place an order.

  2. Tim: The top three images (Commandments, Creed, Lord’s Prayer) are “sitting upright” on the wheel. In other words, the hands are pointing up, the top circle of the Trinity circle is pointed up (and the rays are coming down), and the tablets are upright. The sacramental symbols at the bottom are likewise “upright” as the “fan out” at the bottom, so that as you look at the pendant directly, you can see all the images “upright.” (The shell is at the top, the tops of the keys are at the top, the chalice is upright.) I suppose I could have designed it so that all the images “pointed to the center” or something, but I thought they might have been more difficult to identify “upside down.”

  3. I love the Luther Rose Ornament and wondered where I could purchase that from – I’m not a wood worker, but would love an ornament like that one.

    • Hi Joan– I have two of these laser-cut Luther roses right now. As you can see from the photo, they’re quite small, about 1 3/8″ in diameter, and about 1/8″ thin. I’d be happy to sell you one (or both), but I should point out that they are extremely delicate and fragile, which is why I was speculating on adding a solid backing to some of them.

      If you’d like a hanging ornament, such as what one might put on a tree, I’d recommend a 2 1/4″ solid wood backing for each one with a drilled hole in the top for a ribbon or other hanger. I would then remove the thin loop from the laser-cut rose, center it on the wooden backing, and attach, which would give it more structural strength. If you like that idea or have any other questions, please email me at and I’ll help you out. 🙂

      • I am trying to work with one of the vendors on your website, J&J Woodshop to make these – I’m trying to make them for my church if possible, so I’d need about 75 of them. Can I send him your email address?

      • Sure, you can send him my email address. Presumably, if he’s willing, I would send him the file of the image, he would cut them out for you to the size you want, and we’d arrange some sort of payment plan?

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