Lutheran art quote of the day

“The appearance of the church is not that which is drawn by artists, who picture her as an attractive maiden or as a well-fortified and beautified city. To be sure, the picture is true, but not according to the eyes of the flesh. Spiritual eyes do see this fine form and elegance supreme of the church because Christ is her Spouse, has begotten her for Himself through the Holy Spirit and beautified her with His blood, His merits, and His righteousness. Of these matters the flesh is unable to see or to judge anything…

“If, then, a person desires to draw the church as he sees her, he will picture her as a deformed and poor girl sitting in an unsafe forest in the midst of hungry lions, bears, wolves, and boars, nay, deadly serpents; in the midst of infuriated men who set sword, fire, and water in motion in order to kill her and wipe her from the face of the earth. The Apocalypse (12:1) contains a fine picture of this… showing the church fleeing like a lonely virgin from the old serpent, or the dragon, who is persecuting her and her child.”

-Martin Luther



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