Crafty Monday: More goodies from Retro Cafe Art

Retro Cafe Art has a bunch of new “mini-shrines” (I call them “art boxes”) that look like churches! These are smaller than their other “Gothic church,” ATC-card-sized boxes. Scroll down on this page to see where you can get them. Perfect for building a little nativity scene or housing other figurines, or a small painting or other artwork, or a favorite Bible verse decorated up with crafty accents.


The boxes below aren’t finished– they just show a few little objects that will fit into them. These boxes are made of masonite and can be painted, covered with paper, etc.


And what’s really cool about these new boxes is that they come with optional hangers (decorative ones!) so you can turn your box into an ornament or wall hanging! To make an ornament, glue the semi-circle into the oval base and attach to the top. To make a wall hanging, glue the semi-circle flat onto the back of the box.



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