Lutheran art quote of the day

“Luther strove to infuse into the religious art of the later Middle Ages his understanding of what the authentic message of the Gospels was: it was specifically the humanity of Jesus that was the Mirror of the Eternal. Albrecht Dürer shared these ideas and reflected them in his art; his biographer speaks of ‘a conversion–both in subject matter and in style’ brought about in Dürer’s faith and life through his acceptance of Luther’s teachings, as a consequence of which, the art historian Erwin Panofsky says, ‘the man who had done more than any other to familiarize the Northern world with the true spirit of pagan Antiquity now practically abandoned secular subject matter except for scientific illustrations, traveler’s records and portraiture.'”

-Jaroslav Pelikan, “The Illustrated Jesus Through the Ages”


“The Adoration of the Trinity,” Albrecht Dürer, 1511.



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