More springerle cookies

Here are some images of recently-made springerle. These first photos show the pressed dough before baking. One of the fun things about making springerle is that there are many molds available that are historical copies of molds hundreds of years old, and biblical subject matter was common with these cookies. There are many theologically interesting molds! Below is a “Lamb sacrificial.”

spring1 spring2

Here are a few Christmas molds that I got from this website. Ken Hamilton has a very wide range of great molds.

spring5 spring6

This is an unbaked cookie made from a mold I made myself, using food safe silicone putty and a bronze medallion. I love the architectural detail on this.


More Ken Hamilton molds… scenes from the life of Christ. He has several molds that feature biblical scenes. This particular mold has 16 images and is available in two different sizes. Scroll down near the bottom of this page to see these different molds.

spring10 spring11

…And finally, here are some of the cookies, baked. I think I might be painting up some of these!

spring1 spring2


4 responses to “More springerle cookies

    • Hi– if you take a look at the post, you will see links to Ken Hamilton’s cookie molds. The Easter lamb mold is one that I believe I got from a different website and is no longer available. The round Nativity mold with the architectural detail is one that I made myself using food-safe silicone putty and a purchased bronze medallion. (If you’d like to try this approach to molds, search for Silicone Plastique or EasyMold supplies.) Other websites that sell springerle molds include Springerle Joy and Fante’s Kitchen Shop.

  1. These are beautiful and so detailed! What recipe do you use for your cookies to retain the detail? Just wonderful!

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