Coloring and drawing the Catechism

Sorry for the lack of Crafty Monday yesterday. Canada Day got me all distracted. So, without further ado…

According to Your Word produces educational resources for children, including these cool-looking “Color the Catechism” and “Draw the Catechism” books. Check them out!

CPH, if you’re up to it, I’d love to do some uber-snazzy, fancy coloring book illustrations for some of those copyrighted texts out there.  😉  Or… please… trading cards. Just think: parts of Catechism, parts of liturgy, famous reformers, Scripture and hymn texts. Come on, you know you want to. Don’t let the Catholics have all the nice-looking “holy cards.”



3 responses to “Coloring and drawing the Catechism

  1. According to your word website has no contact me info and i am unable to but anything and ship to CT
    ANY idea on how to get these great coloring books?

    • Hi Jenn– It looks like the According to Your Word site changed their links a little since I posted this last. But they still have coloring resources available for sale at their “shop” link. I don’t know why you can’t seem to check out; I tried adding something to my shopping cart and going through the first stages of checking out, and I saw “USA” and CT in the drop-down lists for ordering. Maybe refresh your browser…?

      Also, CPH has since published “The Illuminated Catechism,” which is in the style of adult coloring books and rather nice quality (I have one):

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