Crafty Monday: Paper tole Baptism cards

I never thought I’d get into paper tole. There was something about it that seemed kind of old-fashioned, strange, a bit saccharine, and sort of mechanical… (No offense to any paper tole lovers out there.)  It’s still not really my “go-to” card-making technique. But when I see a subject I’m interested in, I’ll try just about any kind of craft! And actually, my opinion changed… they turned out really cute!

I got a couple packages of this Birth/Baptism paper tole kit to make cards. The brand is Reddy Creative Cards, and they’re German. Four card tops can be made with the kit. My favorite are the top two.


Paper tole involves layering pieces of a picture over and over again with foam dots to create a 3-D effect. I had to admit, the dimensional effect was kind of neat. Just keep in mind, if you plan on making cards using paper tole, that the card could end up being a little thick! (It probably squashes down in the mail, though.)

My kit came from Paper Wishes, I think, but I don’t see it on their website anymore. I think you can still get them elsewhere.

Here’s what they look like assembled. The top two are already attached to a card.


IMG_0522 IMG_0524

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