Lutheran art in the home: The Lost Sheep

This was sent to me by Peggy Pedersen.

“I have a print of this hanging on the wall of my home office. It is the only print of Christ I have hanging because my husband is a non-Christian. Yet, when I purchased this, he helped me to frame it. This painting is very meaningful to me since I was a strayed sheep so lost in the wilderness and on the verge of being lost forever. I was in a spiritually very dangerous place, as is this sheep who is about to fall to his death in the abyss. Yet even when it seemed that he had gone too far from the shepherd and the flock to even be found, much less rescued, the Shepherd reaches down and saves him. Note, that the sheep in this position can do nothing for himself. Indeed, if he tries, it will make matters much worse. The shepherd must reach down to him and lift him out. This is what I experienced, that when I realized I could do nothing to help myself and was sure I was lost to the shepherd forever, He, as an act of inconceivable mercy, reached out for me. This picture reminds me daily of what he has done for me. It has been joined on my walls by a crucifix – another powerful reminder. The fact that this picture shows the shepherd with one sheep, is the message that He is aware of each one of us and is not willing to lose even one of his creatures.”


“The Lost Sheep” by Alford Soord.


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