Article: How to Discourage Artists in the Church

A Gospel Coalition article.

“Many Christian artists live between two strange worlds. Their faith in Christ seems odd to many of their friends in the artistic community—almost as odd as their calling as artists seems to some of their friends at church. Yet Christians called to draw, paint, sculpt, sing, act, dance, and play music have extraordinary opportunities to honor God in their daily work and to bear witness to the grace, beauty, and truth of the gospel. How can pastors (and churches) encourage Christians with artistic gifts in their dual calling as Christian artists?”


One response to “Article: How to Discourage Artists in the Church

  1. The church is a giant communication conduit when it wants to be but like all large organizations it is complex and intimidating to a non-recognized artist. With enough passion to create art that supports a church need (that’s recognized or not) man’s recognition or support seems unnecessary for small scale contributions. The Holy Spirit will use forums like this to satisfy His needs. It is His church and He will call who he wants to do His will. We all have to be satisfied to be a good servants in the scale we are called to be serving in and be available to
    respond to needs as they are presented by the master.

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