Albrecht Dürer: A new book and a new devotional

I found an art book at our local used book sale called “The Art of Dürer.” In includes a whole section on Cranach and a bit of commentary on the Reformation. Here are a few photos…

IMG_0277 IMG_0278 IMG_0279 IMG_0280 IMG_0281

Speaking of Dürer, I also noticed that CPH is offering this devotional titled “Bearing the Cross: Devotions on Albrecht Dürer’s Small Passion.” The description is as follows:

“Albrecht Dürer, 1471–1528, is said to be the greatest German artist of the Northern Renaissance. His works include woodcuts, engravings, sketches, and paintings of both oils and watercolors. Born into a Nuremburg family of goldsmiths, he learned the art of engraving at an early age.

“Dürer’s genius in printmaking forever changed the world of art. Up until this time woodcuts had been merely combinations of black and white. His innovative technique of cross hatching brought new shades of grays making a pallet of contrasts between light and dark. This greatly enhanced the woodcuts of his Small Passion giving visual depth, dimension, and drama to the biblical narratives.The Small Passion contains the largest number of scenes, but is known as “small” due to the 3×5 inch size of the intricate woodcuts.

“Bearing the Cross combines the great artwork of Albrecht Dürer’s Small Passion, gems of hymnody, and Holy Scripture into faith enriching devotional vignettes. The reader is escorted from Genesis to Revelation in a personal, intimate journey with Christ.”



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