Lutheran art in the home: Wire sculpture

This submission is from Jen Balaska.

“This is a wire sculpture of Jesus that was made by a boyfriend I had when I was 15 years old. He made one like it for the youth room where our youth group was held. (I wasn’t Lutheran back then). This piece holds meaning and nostalgia for me. Obviously it is a visual reminder of Christ crucified for my sins, but it also reminds me of how lost I was (even as a young believer) and how far from that time I am now. I’ve been saved from sin and death, and preserved in spite of false doctrine, and am now kept in the true faith. This crucifix hangs on our bedroom wall where the whole family sees it, daily.

“Unfortunately, the man who made it is now an unbeliever. He was driven to hardness of heart and unbelief due to false doctrine eroding his faith. Seeing this evidence of the faith he once had reminds me to pray for him.

“It is difficult to see the details of the wirework in the photograph. I stuffed a tissue into Jesus’ head so that you could see his face better. Every bend of the wire was given thought. The muscles, the hands, the pierced side, the crown of thorns, all to proper scale. It really is a lovely piece.”

WireCrucifix1 WireCrucifix2


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