Crafty Monday: Stained glass fabric

Fabric patterned with stained glass images. It’s something that I’ve sought ever since I got my sewing machine (which was just a couple years ago). But it’s been slim pickings. The stained glass fabric that is out there seems to be more in an Art Nouveau style. It has been very difficult to find ones that really remind you of church windows.

But I found some recently.  🙂  The line is called “Illumination” and it’s by Timeless Treasures. (Ironically, the link to the store’s site doesn’t include the round medallion fabric that I have, but you can find it elsewhere online.) The fabric definitely has the look of church windows– rose windows, mostly, complete with black leading, quatrefoils and trefoils, the whole Gothic look. What’s interesting, though, is that if you look closely at the colors, they are speckled and broken up in a decidedly more modern way, with irregular lines and circles. A slight bit of whimsy to the print. This fabric would be GREAT for using in church banners. Make a black banner, add some of this on the top and bottom or as a border, and put white, Gothic-style lettering in the black section. Done! And it would probably look like it was much more work.

Here’s my yard (so far) of fabric from this line. Nice, huh? The second photo is to give you an idea of scale.

IMG_0286 IMG_0287





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