Crafty Monday: Historic replica seals

This is something cool that I stumbled on accidentally while doing a search for small relief carvings: replica seals! These seals are produced by the only seal reproduction company in North America, Historic Waxcraft. Most of the seals appear to be from medieval Europe, and feature distinctive guilds, cities, popes, and other individuals. This, for example, is a seal of Albrecht von Brandenburg, an important figure in the history of the Reformation:


They also have Luther’s seal, but no picture, as well as Charles V. No doubt there are other images on the site that would be of interest to students of the Reformation. Cool, huh?

I’m offering this as part of Crafty Monday by suggesting that these seals, especially those in the 3″ range, would be perfect for using with silicone putty and making molds, which could then be used to make medallions or more wax seals. Or, if you use food-grade putty like Silicone Plastique, you could make a cookie or candy mold (my latest big crafty interest). Anyway, take a browse through the site. Even obscure seals have some really cool images on them.  🙂

*UPDATE: I put a bug in the ear of the store owner, and he’s going to post pics of those two I linked to soon.  😉


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