Crafty Monday: Angels We Have Heard on High stamp set

This rubber stamp set, offered by Alpha Stamps, is one of my favorites because of its beautiful calligraphed images.


The set , which has a very Northern Renaissance/Flemish feel to it, features a woodcut of the Annunciation, another angel Gabriel from an Annunciation scene, a smaller flying angel, wings, a Latin block, and some music. The Latin block is from Ephesians 1, starting at verse 17. I ran some of these other texts by Lutheran translator-extraordinaire Matthew Carver, and here’s what he gave me:

  • The music says: “What is there in heaven or on earth / that I desire? or that with Thee / can compare, my King, and my God? / For beside Thee I desire nothing.” This appears to be a Reformed psalter paraphrase of a theme in Psalm 73.
  • The fancy text at the top center says “Register des Buchs der croniken und geschichten mit figuren und pildnussen vun anbeginn der welt bis auf dise unnsere zeit,” “Index of the book of chronicles and histories with figures and images from the beginning of the world to our present age.”
  • The final bit of calligraphy at the bottom left says “Ein Brabendisch oder Niderlenndisch Schriftlein — A Brabantian or Dutch excerpt (or little writing).”

So they’re not all sacred texts, but they’re still pretty sweet looking.

Here are a couple of cards I’ve made with this stamp set. In both cases, the images are heat embossed.




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