Crafty Monday: Melissa Frances church kits

I hereby designate Monday to be “Crafty Monday” here on the CLEAR blog, bringing ideas for do-it-yourself crafting to the intrepid Lutheran crafter.  🙂

Today I’d like to feature a product by Melissa Frances (a scrapbooking company) that I recently stumbled upon: these cool chipboard house kits. They come flat, and you assemble them with a bit of your own glue. The different kits contain different embellishments to enhance your project, and then you can go wild decorating them to your heart’s content. These particular kits feature churches.

One is a small and inexpensive ornament kit (under $4 at all the spots I’ve seen), with a church just 2.75″ high. Stick your own little cross on top of the steeple, decorate however you please, and you’re good to go!


The next one is sometimes called a “steeple house,” but it looks pretty much like a church to me. The kit includes red vellum for windows and darling little brush trees for landscaping.


Lastly, we have the 10.5″ tall “large church house” kit, which features an awesome bell tower, red vellum for the windows, two trees, and a ceramic lamb. Wow!


These products are available from a wide range of scrapbooking and crafting stores… just Google your way over to find some.  🙂


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