Table banners

I thought that I invented this idea, but of course I didn’t. Someone else got there first, as usual. ;o) Small, tabletop banners to use on your home altar, dresser, or other table that can be coordinated with the seasons of the church year! I thought it would be a great project for kids to make, as they could be made out of paper or other inexpensive materials. Now, I haven’t actually seen mini-banners that changed with the church year, but check out this little Luther rose banner:

If you want to make this kind of thing at home, why not get a little flag holder to get yourself started? Stick a dowel in it, put a notch in the top, and use another piece of doweling with a string at each end as the base of your banners. Make your little banner out of paper, cardstock, stiffened fabric, etc. and decorate. Make small loops at the top to attach it to your doweling, hang it up, and voila! Here’s a spot that sells flag holders:

What I like about this project idea, as an extension of liturgical art for the home, is that it connects the family with what happens in church on Sunday, and it can be changed up seasonally. I’ll have to try this out sometime soon and post a pic. If you make one, send me a pic and I’ll post it, too!


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