CLEAR reborn!

I’ve decided to redo my CLEAR blog. The goal of this site is to be an outlet to discuss faith-themed arts, including liturgical, devotional, and educational art, from a Lutheran perspective. The main focus will be visual arts, but perhaps other things will sneak in too, from time to time. We’ll probably be looking at things like painting and drawing, home altar and seasonal decorations, sculpture, paraments and vestments, calligraphy, crafting for home or Sunday School, church architecture, stained glass, book illustration, and a lot more!

One thing I’ll need your help with is links! If you know of an artist or craftsman who you think might fit into any of the categories listed above, please send me a link to their website or blog for inclusion on the list of links. Any other useful links in the visual arts realm are welcome, too, including ones that aren’t necessarily exclusively Lutheran. And please use the comment section to give me ideas for what sorts of specific things you’d like to see discussed or featured on this site.

Welcome back!


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